Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, China

Treehouse is RLP’s award-winning design for a net-zero, wellness-focused vertical green skyscraper envisioned for the climate change generation, located in a mixed-use, high-density district of Hong Kong.

The architecture of Treehouse is designed to bring humanity and nature closer together. Biophilic elements are woven into the design, including an urban native woodland and an artificial wetland at grade, sky gardens, external and interior green walls and roofing, and nature-themed materials and furnishings. The space is airy and welcoming, letting in ample natural light and soft sea breezes. Aesthetically pleasing staircases connect the different floors and promote active living, while dedicated open-air exercise spaces allow users to stay active outdoors when at work.

Treehouse is a new type of workplace: one that promotes carbon positivity and wellness through cutting-edge technology, design and management. To naturally regulate the temperature of the building, self-shading inclined façades completely cut off direct solar heat gain for the upper stories, while horizontal light reflectors effectively enhance daylight harvesting. The rooftop PV system generates renewable energy and doubles as a shade for the roof, and passive cooling is achieved in the summer by wind being captured 200 metres above ground, which then flows through a heat exchange chamber under the artificial wetland to pre-cool the incoming air. A full-height solar chimney also creates a stack effect for natural ventilation, further reducing heat transferred into the building.

Treehouse creates a new model for the workplace which flexibly caters to remote work and office work distributed across homes, workplaces and satellite co-working spaces through operable third spaces, advanced materials and digital connectivity. Adaptable landlord-managed shared amenities, virtual desktop infrastructure, dynamic space-matching thermal zones with individual preferences, and flexible interior spaces cater to diverse individual work preferences and varying occupancy rates. The building systems also learn individual preferences and behaviours, further optimising resource use and reducing carbon emissions.

  • Green Building Awards – Research Category – Merit Award
  • 2021 HKGBC Advancing Net Zero Idea Competition – Winner (Future Building)
  • 2021
  • 4,238 sq. m.
  • 94,144 sq. m.