Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre

Hong Kong, China

Located in the gardens of Tuen Mun Hospital, the project will be the first Maggie’s Caring Cancer Centre located outside of the UK. The centres were been created in memory of their co-founder, Maggie Keswick Jencks who died of cancer in 1995. The centres support and empower those affected by, living through, or dying from cancer. Through thoughtful architectural design, the centres seek to provide an open environment, providing visitors with a functional place of support and quiet dignity.

The centre is comprised of a series of pavilions in a garden, creating a continuous flow between interior and exterior spaces. The interior rooms, including a large open kitchen for gatherings, open onto the surrounding gardens, acting as a bridge over a pond with reflected views of Hong Kong’s mountains.

In collaboration with Gehry Partners

  • 2007 / 2013
  • 2,650 sq. m.
  • 350 sq. m.
  • Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centre Foundation