We live in an era of profound change. The incredible pace of urbanisation in Asia is presenting new challenges and creating emerging quality of life impacts in vertical developments and dense urban cores. Naturally, this situation can create feelings of vulnerability and helplessness in everyone - architects, developers, building users and beyond.

It is the mission of Behave to limit our clients' exposure to these impacts. We clarify uncertainties and gain insight through research and partnerships with experts. We help our clients navigate the unknown so as to eliminate distractions and disruptions. We work with our clients to enhance the value of their projects by unlocking understanding of new realities and the opportunities that lie within.

At Behave, we are relentless in our inquiries into human behaviour and in our motivation to improve the human experience of the built environment. Our curiosity about the issues that cities face, both now and in the future, knows no boundaries. Above all, we are determined to discover new and better ways to respond to urban challenge and change, now and in the future.