North Area of Jinan University

Guangzhou, China

RLP provided overall planning services for four disparate plots in “Innovation City”, a development axis in Guangzhou located to the north of Jinan University. Positioned as a technology incubation base, the area is surrounded by supporting facilities offering education, commercial services and medical care. However, the plots are also in close proximity to old factories, and the transportation links to the area are not yet fully developed.

To unite the development and bring focus to the area, RLP used a “people-oriented, future-oriented” design concept, aiming to create a diverse, interactive and human-centric community core, and softening the boundaries within the community.

RLP employed several design strategies to achieve this goal: maximising the use of landscape resources, setting up diversified business formats and shaping the urban interface.The four divided plots were opened up to the street and an adjacent park, forming a “pocket park” that allowed greenery to penetrate into the community, greatly increasing greening and leisure space and providing walkable areas.

Geared towards the younger generation, this development also strives to be a diverse, convenient “24-hour community” with a human-centric core; a place where creativity, culture and connectivity combine. This is made possible through multi-purpose spaces like art galleries, bookstores, cultural lecture halls, and fitness clubs, where people are encouraged to meet, enjoy personal growth and become closer to each other.

  • 2021
  • 130,684 sq. m.
  • 449,334 sq. m.
  • Yuexiu Enterprises (Holdings) Limited