ICC Country Garden Sanlonghui

Foshan, China

Located on the border of Guangzhou and Foshan in Sanlong Bay, this approximately 520,000 sq.m. TOD project offers a full range of urban functions: two subway lines, a bus terminal, eight residential and two serviced apartment towers, a shopping centre, Grade A office building and a host of community facilities – all designed to house a major digital centre for a transportation company, attract associated high-end, high-tech businesses and become a generator of urban growth for the immediate area.

The main design aim is to nurture harmonious relationships between people and the environment by creating healthy and walkable neighbourhoods, reducing traffic congestion and promoting public transportation, while minimising pollution and energy consumption.

The façade embodies this lofty aim – resembling three flying dragons, it is a symbolic tribute to the hardworking spirit of the people of Shunde and the economic potential of Sanlong Bay.The curved glass canopy at the bottom of the office toweris also connected to the rooftop terrace of the shopping centre, simulating a dragon’s tail.

  • 2018 / 2023
  • 127,346 sq. m.
  • 605,411 sq. m.
  • Country Garden / MTR Corporation Ltd. / Shunde Railway