Vanke Wonderland TOD Development

Foshan, China

This large-scale TOD superstructure project is located in Sanshan New City, an eastern gateway area between Guangzhou and Foshan. Challenged by long and narrow plots, large building volumes, complex height differences, and other design constraints, RLP adopted a “nature TOD” planning concept for the development, using a double-cross axis pedestrian system, connecting rail stations, ground transportation hubs, and residential buildings. These blend naturally into the surrounding commercial plots, allowing for the provision of commercial, office, residential, medical, education, and other services.

The project unites a multi-dimensional transportation network which includes a tram line, local metro and national rail services, making it an importance piece of the Greater Bay Area one-hour living circle transportation plan.

To overcome the height differences between the plots, RLP devised pedestrian traffic system comprised of stairs, escalators and vertical ladders, and a three-storey parking garage that stitched the upper and lower plots together. These also augmented the image of the development as a “city in the sky”.

The nature TOD concept aims to create liveable spaces that integrate nature and the city through a “sky commercial street” and a“sky forest”, allowing residents to naturally move between living, working, leisure, and entertainment spaces. Biophilic and pro-nature design elements are incorporated throughout, taking advantage of the surrounding landscape to incorporate the high-speed rail park on the north side and Wenhan Lake Park on the west side into the planning, which is divided into three axes –urban commercial, residential green and community service, and three zones – green core residential, park residential community and urban residential. All these work together to create a green, diversified TOD community.

Decorative aluminium and galvanised steel plateson the Taishan Road frontage combine with the roof garden plantings, providing advertising space that adds value to businesses, while also blocking noise and creating more green space. Quiet gardens and children's play areas adjacent to residential areas encourage outdoor activity, while more greenery planted on roadsides and in the shopping area provides a convenient,“eco-experience” shopping environment and comfortable walking spaces.

  • 2020 | 2023
  • 178,080 sq. m.
  • 642,002 sq. m.
  • Foshan Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd.