Foshan Vanke International Finance Centre (IFC)

Foshan, China

Located at Financial Hi-Tech Zone Station in Foshan, Foshan Vanke International Finance Centre is a large-scale mixed-use development that mixes urbane sophistication and poetic nuances in the central business district (CBD) of the city.

For this seminal project, RLP seeks to create a distinctive urban architectural space that is infused with echoes of Foshan’s sublime landscapes. Drawing on the geographical characteristics of the zone, the office tower overlooks Nanhai Finance Park and greenery in the south, evoking an impression of space extending into nature. The setback design in the north is part of a stunning green terrace, bringing notes of a green ecology to the tower, complemented by surrounding podiums and parks.

In envisaging an inventive architectural landmark with sustainable elements, the design team takes inspiration from Gambiered Guangdong Silk (Xiang Yun Sha), one of the cultural signatures of Foshan and a national intangible cultural heritage. The project creates a graceful and rhythmic façade design that is accentuated by luminous and varying textures. It blends in naturally with the surrounding green space, while resounding with the pulse of the metropolis.

  • A' Design Award & Competition - Iron Design Award (Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award)
  • 2018 / Present
  • 18,022 sq. m.
  • 140,312.71 sq. m.
  • Foshan Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd.