Galaxy Bay

Guangzhou, China

Situated in Daganwei in the south of Haizhu District in Guangzhou, Galaxy Bay is a phenomenal architectural space that stands at the southern end of the city’s axis and to the west of Hou Hangdao. With its prime location amidst a cluster of creative industries, this seminal development seeks to vitalise the area as a hub for innovation.

As a major development for business and commercial activities, Galaxy Bay is set to transform the industrial park in the Hou Hangdao area, opening up new opportunities for the creative industries of the city. The spatial structure of the development is synchronous with that of Haizhu Bay Creative Zone, forming an ascendant cluster of buildings along the waterfront: the three wind corridors to the south and the north connect to the view corridor of the Haizhu Bay Creative Zone,  while the setbacks connect to the saw-shaped façades of the towers.

The sleek design of Galaxy Bay heralds the contemporaneity of architectural developments in the various areas along Hou Hangdao in the future, while the saw-shaped facades symbolise the dynamic between the commercial premise and the creative zone in Haizhu. The pedestrian street and the corridors link up the open spaces of the two developments, creating an eclectic and shared space for users and visitors.

  • 2018 / 2023
  • 117,929 sq. m.
  • 573,978 sq. m.
  • YueXiu Property