Conceptual Architectural Design for Guangfohui and the Surrounding Urban Area

Guangzhou, China

The Guangfohui project underlines RLP’s commitment to advancing sustainable architecture and liveability in South China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA). This transit-oriented development project links Guangzhou and Foshan, two of the most important cities in the GBA.

The site is located in a high-quality development integration pilot area that lies between Foshan’sSanlong Bay and Panyu in Guangdong province, covering a massive area of 15.7 square kilometres.

Designed by RLP using the principles of convenient transportation and efficient land use, this large-scale comprehensive development aims to become a landmark and the most important bond between Guangzhou and Foshan, bridging the river and forming a new megacity that provides a university campus, exhibition and conference centre, commercial developments, and many more functions that will advance society.

  • 1,004,000 sq. m
  • 150,000 sq. m.