The Pavilia Farm

Tai Wai, Hong Kong, China

This transit-oriented development was developed on top of Tai Wai MTR Station. The 62,000 sq.m. project consists of seven residential buildings, a four-storey shopping mall and a post-secondary college. It provides integrated 24-hour pedestrian passages and bicycle parking lots.

The project is both people-oriented and pro-nature. The design inspiration came from a canyon formed by the Shing Mun River in Shatin, resulting in a development that blends into its environment with a canyon-like façade and 280,000 square feet of green space that follows the contours of the surrounding terraced fields and mountains.

When planning the distribution of the residential buildings and green space, the design took into account air circulation in and around the clubhouse and gardens, introducing, for example, intelligent ventilation to optimise indoor fresh air. The Pavilia Farm also has wind and solar power generation devices, as well as a series of energy-saving facilities like high-efficiency glass curtain walls, regenerative energy systems for its elevators and green walls. It is hoped that The Pavilia Farm will become a new benchmark for sustainable residential projects in Hong Kong and help advance a green and low-carbon lifestyle for everyone.

  • 2014 / 2023
  • 48,412 sq. m.
  • 267,480 sq. m.
  • MTR Corporation Ltd. /
    NW Project Management Ltd.
  • BEAM Plus – Gold Rating (Provisional)