The Masterpiece 1688 Villa SB

Beijing, China

The Masterpiece 1688 Villa SB is a modern Chinese five-storey villa, reflecting tranquillity and exquisiteness lifestyles of owners.

The villa is embellished with various Oriental elements: contrasting yin and yang wood hues and simple vertical elements create a quaint and exquisite look. Gentle lake blues and medium earth yellows instil elegant, cosy and warm feelings.

Recreation space on the basement encourages interactive grandparent-parent-child activities. An indoor staircase is an extension of the hallways’ grained grids.

The “glass case” design links the interior with the outdoors, making the space both well-ordered and vivid. The warm deep and light wood colours which lie alongside the bright yellows and blues bring to life the characteristics of those who live here: elegance, low-profile taste, optimism and attachment family.

Interior designer subtly created an exquisite and comfy living environment that is suitable for young family living with their parents and children.

  • IDPA Sino-Japan International Design Pioneer Award – Silver (Villa Space)
  • International Space Design Award Idea-Tops (Hong Kong Division) – Shortlisted Candidate for The Best Villa Design
  • APDC Asia Pacific Design Award For Elite –Honorable Award (Model House)
  • The 13th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair – Influence Design of China – Top 10 Excellent Project Awards of the Year 2017-2018
  • 2016 / 2018
  • 633 sq. m.
  • New World China Land Limited