The Masterpiece 1688 Villa M

Beijing, China
The Masterpiece 1688 Villa M has five-storey, with three above-ground floors and two underground floors. Based on the Parisian design concept, the designer has created a peaceful and comfortable living environment suitable for all members of extended families.
The hallways are decorated with exquisite dendritic crystal chandeliers, while the interior walls are covered with French-style decorative chains. A combination of four different types of marble makes up the distinctive arrow-marked platform.
The five-storey high indoor staircase is covered with black-and-white ring-pattern carpets, with the dominant hues being warm and cool grey and black and white, embellished with champagne gold throughout.
The glass room on the first underground floor is a breakfast room with a map-like 3D decorated ceiling, bringing in vitality and essential sunlight every morning. The parking area on the second underground floor is as futuristic as a sci-fi movie scene, greeting the owners with a magnificent view as they drive in.
The living room on the ground floor is adorned with a bright lake-blue colour and concise modern lighting elements, providing an invigorating backdrop for family members. The bedrooms on the 2nd floor have chilled blue feature walls; while a bright strawberry dominates the master bedroom on the 3rd floor.
Nature is introduced into this Parisian paradise, with a green wall extending upwards from the first underground floor to the second floor, harmoniously breathing nature into the entire house.
  • International Space Design Award Idea-Tops (Hong Kong Division) – Shortlisted Candidate for The Best Villa Design
  • APDC Asia Pacific Design Award For Elite –Honorable Award (Model House)
  • 2016 / 2018
  • 556 sq. m.
  • New World China Land Limited