Kai Tak Development on 3 Muk Chui Street

Hong Kong, China

Kai Tak Development on 3 Muk Chui Street is a pilot proposal for URA’s ‘Flat-for-Flat’ exchange scheme with focuses on building community, sustainability, modest yet practical design.  It comprises three 23-storey towers, an elderly friendly low-rise block, and a retail block.

Multiple levels of communal spaces encourage community building and enhance connections and communication.  Central courtyard is infused with community rooms, children’s play, tai-chi area and urban farm; Low rise block rooftop garden provides green space for passive use and pleasant view to higher units; the Sky House has a jogging track sheltered by a BIPV covered walkway, barbecue area and multi-purpose rooftop pavilions.

The design has achieved BEAM Plus Platinum rating (provisional).  The architecture has modest use of materials with basic provisions.  Juxtaposition of activities promotes communal and healthy life style.  Through interplay of indoor and outdoor spaces, the architecture connects its occupants to their new environment.

  • MIPIM Asia Awards – Bronze Winner (Best Innovative Green Building)
  • Green Building Award – Grand Award (Completed New Buildings Category – Residential Building)
  • Green Building Award – Merit Award (New Buildings Category Building under Construction)