HKUST School of Business and Management

Hong Kong, China

In 2006, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology decided to
develop a new School of Business Management (SBM) and an Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS). They put on an international design competition to design a “world-class learning campus”, in which RLP in partnership with DLC+A took part.

The design took full advantage of the incredible sea views of the site, integrating these into the operations of the SBM and the IAS. The new buildings enhanced connections with the main campus through a “three-dimensional link”. The buildings were carefully planned to avoid unnecessary site formation work and to utilise the existing road system as far as practical.
The plan was to create a vibrant atmosphere with a flexible layout using a flowing architectural form grand enough to welcome and celebrate future business leaders and elite scholars.

Sustainability design was at the forefront of the design, from master planning to building, to cement HKUST’s growing reputation as a leading environmentally-friendly campus. While inherently a concept exercise, the final design demonstrated RLP’s human-centric, co-creative approach to design – learning from stakeholders throughout the HKUST community by listening, understanding and incorporating their core values.