Hong Kong, China

Asia World-Expo is a world-class exhibition and entertainment facility located at the northeast corner of Hong Kong International Airport, with a total gross floor area of 112,840 square metres. Developed under a public-private partnership involving funding from Hong Kong SAR Government and a private sector consortium, the centre contains eight typical exhibition halls and two larger halls, one of which can be used for sports and entertainment events.

Design of AsiaWorld-Expo capitalises on the horizontal form necessitated by the imposed aviation height restriction to become an architecturally striking, exceptionally functional and highly efficient exhibition centre. The long span roof forms respond to the surrounding aviation context with aerodynamically shaped metal roofs which also provide the acoustic performance required for events such as concerts and conferences.

Circulation and energy efficiency are optimised by placing the main entrances and the frequently used public facilities in close proximity to each other. Energy consumption is dramatically reduced when the distributions of air-conditioning and other building services provisions are properly controlled whenever a portion of the complex is not occupied. Two linear concourses sandwiched between exhibition halls provide easy circulations and clear orientation to visitors with the minimum signage.

Exhibition hall usage is optimised through the continuous column-free space that allows flexible hall subdivisions as required for various events to be held separately as well as concurrently. Every hall is provided with large vehicle access doors allowing direct access to the exhibition areas on ground level.

AsiaWorld-Expo is the only venue in Hong Kong able to accommodate a full range of events from small, intimate functions to mega-conferences of over 10,000 delegates. Since its opening in 2005, the venue has a proven track record of successfully hosting world-class exhibitions and conferences

*In collaboration with NBBJ

  • Schindler Design Award for Mobility in Buildings