Wuhan The One

Wuhan, China

Situated at the heart of a thriving urbanscape and overlooking the Yangtze River, The One is a high-end residential development consisting of nine towers with height ranging from 120m to 160m. It is located in the core area of the new CBD in Erqi Binjiang District in Wuhan, which is being positioned as an upscale commercial district for commercial and trading activities, culture and entertainment, and modern lifestyle.

The site of The One, the land lot designated for residential development in Zone 1 of the southern district, is made up of four individual lots. With the exception of Lot 1B which is intended for kindergartens, the rest of the lots are reserved for high-end residential developments with ancillary facilities such as clubhouses, basement carparks, kindergartens and primary schools.

As a landmark development in this new Erqi Binjiang District, the architectural design of The One is inspired by a fleet sailing in the Yangtze River. It evokes a bold character standing erect against prevailing wind, and it symbolises the perfect timing for the launch of the project in a predominant location. It is also situated in proximity to another RLP project, the Wuhan CTF Finance Centre, a skyscraper that is set to be a monumental development in the district upon its completion.

With its conception as a role model of high quality living places, The One combines aesthetic design and green elements in a stellar development. A luxuriant park sits at the centre of the land lot, while the elegant setting brings a touch of serenity to the exquisite residence.

  • 2016 / 2019
  • 43,282 sq. m.
  • 32,884.35 sq. m.
  • Vanke Property (Wuhan)