Victoria Dockside

Hong Kong, China

Victoria Dockside is the remodelling of the former New World Centre on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. Partnering with KPF and JCFO, RLP took up the role as Executive Architect for this urban remodelling project, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive ones ever undertaken on this world-famous waterfront promenade.

Built on the site formerly known as Holt’s Wharf (founded in 1910), which was a global freight and logistics hub that helped Hong Kong become a gateway to the Far East, Victoria Dockside is a three million sq. ft., mixed-use tower comprising international Grade-A offices, a five-star luxury hotel, serviced apartments and dining facilities, offering premier art, design, and leisure experiences with incredible views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. Surrounding the project are oases of green spaces, providing the city and its residents and visitors with an inspiring new breathing space.

Victoria Dockside has reshaped the skyline of Hong Kong and set a new standard for urban sustainable development in the city – having been conceived as a sustainable building from the outset. Some of its sustainable features include:

Design for urban microclimate-positive and biodiversity

The building mass is strategically positioned with perforations to improve the microclimate. The set-back of the stepped podium creates green terraces with extensive urban greenery, which total 30% of the site.

Connecting harbour, city and people

The building’s porosity offers high visual and physical connectivity between the city, the harbour and various activity nodes. Public realm areas along the waterfront, Salisbury Road and the surrounding neighbourhood are connected and revitalised.

Sustainable façades

Vertical greenery, appropriate window-to wall ratio, projections, shading fins and high-performance glazing effectively reduce solar heat gain and maximize views and daylighting potentials.

Sustainable use of resources

The project reused the majority of existing piles and sea wall materials along the promenade and in part of the basement structure, adding to the project’s commitment to waste and embodied carbon reduction.

Integrated renewable energy

BIPV panels are aesthetically and seamlessly integrated into the curtain wall façade at the top of the tower, the highest installation for a single building anywhere in Hong Kong. These maximise the project’s renewable energy yield.

An urban biodiversity museum and a sustainability-themed education park are also integrated with the building; as well as educational academy for the general public and tenants to promote wellness and sustainable lifestyle elements.

Awards (Victoria Dockside)
  • Green Building Award – Grand Award (Existing Building Category : Facilities Management)
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors Best Development and Conservation Award – Certificate of Grand Award (Construction Category)
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors Best Development and Conservation Award – Certificate of Merit (Planning Category)
  • IFLA Asia-Pacific Landscape Architecture Award – Awards of Excellence (Skyrise Greenery)
  • HKIUD Urban Design Awards – Merit Award (Research Category)
  • HKIUD Urban Design Awards – Grand Award (Built Category)
  • Quality Building Award – Grand Award (Hong Kong Non-Residential (New Building – Non-Government, Institution or Community))
  • MIPIM Asia Awards – Silver Winner (Best Mixed-use Development)
  • RICS Awards - Construction Project Management Team of the Year – Winner
  • WorldGBC Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards – Finalist (Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award – Commercial)
  • The 6th CREDAWARD – Silver Award (Public Building)
  • CTBUH AnnualAward – Audience Winner (Urban Habitat Award – Single-Site Scale) – Award of Excellence Winner (MEP Engineering Award)
  • Green Building Award – Grand Award & Special Citation on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (New Buildings Category – Completed Projects – Commercial Building)
Awards (Rosewood Hong Kong)
  • MIPIM Asia Awards – Gold Winner (Best Hotel & Tourism Development)
  • Cityscape Awards Emerging Markets – Winner (Leisure & Hospitality Project Award - Built)
Awards (K11 ARTUS)
  • A&D Trophy Awards – Gold (Residential / Housing)
  • Cityscape Awards Emerging Markets – Highly Commended (Residential – Medium to High Rise Project Award - Built)
Awards (K11 MUSEA)
  • Green Building Award – Grand Award (Existing Building Category : Facilities Management)
  • MIPIM Asia Awards – Gold Winner (Best Retail Development)
  • 2012 / 2019
  • 39,458 sq. m.
  • 324,078 sq. m.
  • New World Development Company Ltd.
  • Rosewood Hong Kong
  • 5
  • LEED Core & Shell – Platinum Rating (Precertification) /
    BEAM Plus – Platinum Rating
  • LEED (New Construction & Major Renovations) – Gold Rating (Precertification) /
    BEAM Plus – Platinum Rating
  • LEED Core & Shell – Gold Rating (Precertification) /
    BEAM Plus NB V1.1 – Gold Rating (Provisional)
  • LEED Core & Shell – Gold Rating (Precertification) /
    BEAM Plus NB V1.1 – Gold Rating (Provisional)