Times Square Improvement Works

Hong Kong, China

The Times Square Mall in Causeway Bay is an iconic Hong Kong landmark and shopping destination. In the late 2000s, RLP worked with the client on an extensive renovation of the mall.

Prompted by changes in the retail market and the need to refresh and enhance the mall, the project involved the creation of a new retail extension block at the junction of Canal Road and Sharp Street, a re-layout of various floors of the existing shopping arcade, the addition of a new 14/F and improvements to the external façade. Express escalators were also added, while shuttle lifts were reconfigured to increase overall handling capacity.

While the re-layout and additions required much time and effort, the lifts and escalators provided the most human-centric impacts. Designed to provide efficient transportation to the relocated cinemas, shops and F&B outlets at the mall’s upper levels, the new express escalators were positioned carefully to maintain the integrity of the iconic central atrium void and provide an enjoyable spatial experience for the customers using them. Their location also formed a second “ground level street” on the mall’s second floor. In addition to the express escalators, rapid shuttle lifts from G/F to 10/F-13/F food forum and cinema were added to facilitate rapid vertical transportation and maximise human traffic.

The mall’s original vehicular egress and car park facilities were also relocated to turn services spaces and leftover spaces into a new three-story flagship shop.

  • ICSC China Awards Winners – Gold Award (Design and Development)
  • 2007 / 2015
  • 10,445.3 sq.m
  • approx 8,000 sq. m. (Re-distributed)
  • Harbour City Estates Limited