Tencent East China Headquarters

Shanghai, China

Located in Shanghai’s Binjiang district, this triumphant 77,000 sq. m., sustainable office tower development reflects Tencent’s vision, identity and culture, and is a new landmark for the city.

The façade of the building, made up of irregular window grids, resembles a vast mosaic of pixels, representing order, rhythm and principles. The design draws inspiration from the Chinese proverb ‘A Myriad of Twinkling Household Lights’ (萬家燈火). From afar, the thousands of distinctive windows reflecting the sun’s rays resemble thousands of twinkling household lights. The design symbolises Tencent’s vision, as a leader in technology and digitalisation, of providing a multitude of products and services to meet the diverse needs of tens of thousands of households around the world. It also signifies pluralism and the diversity of multicultural talents from different backgrounds that form the Tencent team.

The 29-storey tower and its four-storey podium provide diversified functional areas which emphasise shared space. Together, these spaces symbolise an environment for the younger generation, evoking creativity and reinforcing the iconic image of Tencent’s corporate image and culture.

Sustainability-wise, the building was carefully designed to international standards of sustainability including LEED Gold; the Chinese Assessment Standard for Green Building Level 2; and employs WELL AP Grade – the first evidence-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring building features that have impact on health and wellbeing.

From the building’s IGU insulated glass, which reduces the heat absorbed and saves considerable energy, to an abundance of greenery and dedicated workout spaces on every floor, the design takes a forward-looking approach to reducing environmental impacts while positively impacting usability.

  • 2013 / 2022
  • 13,094 sq. m.
  • 108,885 sq. m.
  • Tencent (Shenzhen)