Redevelopment of Kowloon Junior School

Hong Kong, China

Before the redevelopment, this renowned school was operating as a split campus, spread across two schools in Kowloon. RLP’s sustainable, human-centric conceptual design brought both campuses under one roof in a seven-storey building with a gross floor area of 16,000 sq. m. designed to accommodate 900 students. The new KJS is organised into two wings – the Classroom Wing (with classrooms and special rooms) and the Hall Wing (with a main hall, music rooms and a drama/dance studio), interconnected by footbridges on the first and third floors.

The new school focuses firmly on the children, providing an innovative learning environment that encourages interactive learning experiences for all students. Its facilities include 30 classrooms, a library, multimedia labs, a playground, a gymnasium, and function rooms for children with special needs.

Since colour is an essential form of stimulation for kids, the design made it a central theme. The school’s signature dark blue colour was adopted on the elevations of the building, lightened by different shades of blue on the showcases and featured fins. Internally, each floor is represented by a distinctive colour, used for floor and wall finishes, portal entrances, furniture, and even signage.

The classrooms are connected by decked balconies, with pleasant semi-open wet-play areas on their external façades. Iconic blue boxes along these façades allow each classroom to have its own “display pod” overlooking either Perth Street or the playground.

Sustainable design concepts include green pods on the roof for planting, solar panels at the entrance foyer and art project areas on the roof, lush planting throughout the campus, and high classroom headroom to promote natural ventilation. The stones of the old campus were also preserved and recycled for use on the feature wall of the school's main entrance – a lesson on preserving history for the younger generation.