Poly Tower V Building

Guangzhou, China

Located in the heart of Guangzhou’s Zhujiang New Town district, the Poly Tower V Building is a comprehensive mixed-use retail and commercial office development on the west side of the city's central axis. This sustainable, human-centric project is one of the principal buildings in the city’s new central business district.

The commercial portion of the development sits above the three-storey retail podium base, and is directly connected to a mass transit interchange, below-ground malls and pedestrian subways linking the new district’s business and leisure destinations. There are two towers, both semi-circular in plan, creating a visual impression that the complete development is orthogonal and rotated 45 degrees to the neighbouring buildings – this type of orientation gives the buildings more space around their perimeter, and generates greater natural cross-ventilation and better vistas for the occupants. Above ground, the two towers are linked at regular intervals by landscaped sky court bridges, creating flexible spaces and providing outdoor amenities for relaxation or informal meetings.

The development also incorporates numerous sustainable design features, including an open atrium, three-layer low-e glazing and natural ventilation to minimise energy consumption and improve passive environmental control.

  • Architectural Design Awards in China – Silver Award
  • 2007 / 2012
  • 12,881.58 sq.m.
  • 141,697.38 sq.m.
  • Poly Real Estate Group Co. Ltd.