Poly Arche

Foshan, China

Located near the Qiandeng Lake in the eastern of Nanhai District, Foshan City, this high-rise building stands out as a symbol of the city being a “gateway” to the Greater Bay Area. A mixed-use development including high-end residential units, offices, and commercial streets, it is an iconic architecture at the centre of a radiant urbanscape.

Bringing an evocative touch to contemporary design, the building consists of twin towers with equal volumes and symmetrical facade elements, which brings to mind the image of a "gateway" strengthening the central axis of Qiandeng Lake. With a total site area of 86,416 sq. m., the development has a GFA of 383,760 sq. m. Standing at 157 meters high, the towers feature a public corridor at the top and a public platform at the bottom, fostering interactions and connections in the community.

With the horizontal commercial streets and commercial podiums situated behind and on the sides of the towers, the development offers a wide range of facilities for users and residents. From the large podium on the second floor, the bridge extends north to the commercial square on the first floor and residential lobby on the second floor. To the south of the bridge is beautiful greenery that traverses traffic routes and connects to Jiulong Park, forming a vibrant pedestrian network.

Instilling a distinct grandeur into a residential premise, the exteriors of the towers are made of eco-friendly aluminium and low-e glass. The interior design emphasises excellent utilisation rates for the residential units with highly functional layouts, while the scenery of the district lends a colourful energy to the urbane residence.

  • 2016 / Present
  • 86,416.2 sq. m.
  • 383,760.65 sq. m.
  • Poly Huanan Industry Company Ltd