Ocean Gallery Retail Expansion

Hong Kong, China

Tasked with improving the shopping environment at Ocean Gallery – part of a large harbourfront shopping complex – instead of a simple cosmetic redesign, RLP proposed expanding the mall’s retail areas by converting existing offices and hotel rooms into retail space. This design delivered better shopping and F&B functions at a time when these services were in demand in Harbour City and the wider Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront vicinity.

These alterations and addition works involved the demolition of existing structural slabs, beams, walls, and shop fronts; the concurrent construction of new slabs, beams and roofs; and the re-configuration of shops and the arcade layout on the second, third and fourth floors of the premises. The work also improved connectivity with the adjoining Ocean Centre, creating a seamless shopping experience to maximise comfort and convenience for people, though with a different look and feel.