Major Alteration and Addition Works for Salisbury Garden

Hong Kong, China

The redesign of Salisbury Garden and the Avenue of Stars waterfront promenade (AOS) in Tsim Sha Tsui was based on a design concept embracing simplicity, sustainability and human centricity. As Executive Architect, RLP collaborated with JCFO, URBIS Limited, and LAAB Architects on the revamp, turning this originally under-utilised and enclosed area into a welcoming public space and a new harbourfront destination with rich cultural and artistic ambience – an iconic place with vitality that stimulates social interaction and cultural exchange.

The revamp employed innovative and sustainable design throughout. SITES, a pioneering system used to design and construct sustainable open spaces and parks, was adopted, with an emphasis on low-impact, pedestrian-orientated design, construction and operation. The design also improved connectivity in this high traffic tourist area.

The glass pavilion and oval-shaped lawn provide space for the exhibition of artworks and various events – markets and fairs, mini-concerts and other performances – a multi-use destination for the public to relax and enjoy views of the harbour.

Extensive greenery coverage was chosen to mitigate the urban heat island effect. Green walls camouflage emergency exits, electrical and mechanical equipment and ventilation facilities, and visually unify the overall design of the garden and streamline the layout and configuration for better pedestrian circulation. A high level of local biodiversity is maintained, with a mix of plants from Hong Kong selected especially for the local climate and the waterside location.

Along the Avenue of Stars, there are mobile carts that use solar panels for lighting. The custom-designed outdoor seating and the balustrades are built from hardwearing bio-wood made from old rice husks. Other sustainable elements include conserving the existing built surface area, salvaging and reusing the site’s materials and plants, adopting new building materials with recycled content and from regional sources, and locally recycling trimmed biomass.

Together, the Avenue of Stars and Salisbury Garden provide a unique waterfront experience that pays tribute to the mesmerising Victoria Harbour view while providing a warm welcome to people from Hong Kong and tourists from all over the world.

  • Building Surveyor Awards – Merit Award
  • Building Surveyor Awards – Sustainability Award
  • The 5th China Real Estate Design Award – Merit Award (Cultural & Tourism Real Estate)
  • HKILA Design Awards – Gold Award
  • A&D China Awards – Certificate of Excellence (Architecture (Professional) Best Public Space)
  • HKIUD Urban Design Awards – Merit Award for the Built Project Category
  • 2012 / 2017
  • 7,300 sq. m.
  • 36,500 sq. m.
  • New World Development Company Limited /
    HKSARG Leisure and Cultural Services Department
  • Salisbury Garden: BEAM Plus – Platinum Rating (Provisional)
    Salisbury Garden: SITE V2 – Gold Rating