City Next, Beijing

Beijing, China

City Next is a vision of the future for transit-oriented development, demonstrating how new ideas about working, living and shopping will come to life in a future city. This large-scale, comprehensive development will be built over a metro station, providing direct access to Beijing’s CBD. With a total GFA of 467,511 sq. m., City Next comprises five office towers, three residential towers and above- and below-ground commercial spaces.

Using a “one-axis, two-belt” structure, the development integrates with Metro Line 17, the axis, which runs under the north-south commercial spine. The “office belt” lies on one side of the axis and the “residential belt” on the other. A multi-level commercial street organically meshes with public transport facilities, metro exits, pedestrian connections, and public squares, forming a three-dimensional hub and providing a seamless pedestrianised experience that connects offices, homes, public transport, shopping, and recreational facilities.

Sustainability is a key pillar of City Next. Applying TOD planning principles from the project’s earliest phases has dramatically enhanced integration between public transportation facilities and the mixed-use urban functions and injects a crucial low-carbon lifestyle concept into the community.

The façade’s high-performance, low-e glass optimises heat gain, light transparency, reflection, and overall energy consumption. The operable windows facilitates natural ventilation, making interior spaces more comfortable. The sunken slab with its perforated decking systems creates efficiencies in surface water drainage, fall gradients, drainages, and greywater recycling. Plentiful tree trellises on paths and squares create a pleasant ambiance for the public spaces, adding more greenery, life and overall aesthetic beauty to the environment, while also providing a natural web of 24-hour weather-protected paths to different destinations.

Community wellness is another critical design feature – the community enjoys convenient connectivity, well-built facilities and vibrant social spaces. Filled with sunlight and breezes, flowers and greenery, and the sound of birds, City Next is well-connected visually, physically and socially, forming a healthy, thriving community.

  • 2015 / 2022
  • 133,682 sq. m.
  • 467,511 sq. m.
  • Beijing City Next Run Chang Real Estate Limited