Chiwan TOD

Shenzhen, China

Set on the southern Shekou Peninsula in a former industrial zone near Chiwan Port, this new complex is a biophilic, transport-oriented development (TOD) landmark. This expansive eco-development reorganises the spatial relationship between nature, culture and the city; promotes a zero-carbon lifestyle; and beautifully integrates the surrounding hillside by introducing multi-dimensional natural greenery into the community.

The project began by restoring the surrounding natural environment. With a planned coverage of over 30%, the greenery will help cool the microclimate of the area, particularly during the hot and humid summer months.

The once-exploited hillside has been carefully restored through planting new trees and water features. These seamlessly link the urban space through a high line park, a wide-reaching TOD network, and a landscaped courtyard that reshapes the city skyline from the hills in the north to the southern seashores.

With the design centred around three main pillars: hospitality and service, an artistic and stylistic approach, and intelligence and comfort, the development aims to create a perfect living model for the climate generation. With well-planned city functions providing a mixture of residential, business, commercial, and educational facilities, this comprehensive development will grow to become a key future business zone within the Greater Bay Area.

The multi-level transportation network is central to the project and harmoniously separates pedestrians and vehicles with a humanised “slow-traffic” system, allowing residents to move around seamlessly by subway or bus, while also promoting walkability, encouraging a greener lifestyle and enhancing the community’s overall health and wellbeing.

  • 2020/ 2024
  • 133,000 sq. m. (1st Phase)
  • 475,000 sq. m.
  • Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd.