Wuhan New World · Times Clubhouse

Wuhan, China

The Wuhan New World · Times Clubhouse is a brand-new, standalone building situated in the Qiaokou District in the heart of Wuhan, China. With an art gallery, a multi-function room, exhibition area, basketball hall, gymnasium, a bar integrated with a boundary-less swimming pool, a restaurant, café, and more facilities; this 5,000 sq. m. space serves users from the Grade A office building and the high-end residential and shopping developments connected to the clubhouse, as well as members of the public from the wider community.

The interior design of the Clubhouse created an artistic atmosphere to promote arts and culture in the area and to meet its marketing positioning, “LIVE | WORK | CULTURE | LIFESTYLE”.

The highlight of the interiors is a specially-designed staircase in the middle of the central atrium which effortlessly links the building’s three storeys. The staircase’s irregular form was created by the combination of various unique turn angles between floors; this striking and unusual shape means the staircase itself becomes a sculptural masterpiece standing proudly in the middle of the clubhouse where the users’ artistic and cultural journey begins.

An integrated design approach was also adopted for both the architecture and the interiors. The modern form of the clubhouse uses simple, fluid architectural details, with the glazed windows wrapping the building providing a perfect view of the courtyard landscaping while at the same time introducing natural sunlight into the interiors, balancing and harmonizing internal and external elements.

  • 2015 / 2017
  • 5,000 sq. m.
  • New World Development (Wuhan)