Park Paradise · Coziness

Guangzhou, China

The showflat brings to life a luxury lifestyle design concept by using vertical design elements and contrast colour materials to create a warm, elegant and sumptuous atmosphere.

The design features a series of multifunctional spaces to cope with the changing living style. Bar area injects interval and social function between the semi-open kitchen and dining area while a feature bookshelf in living room echoes a similar one in study room. Floor patterns, ceiling and a glass partition further create seamless connections between the living room and the study room.

Furniture is made with contrasting yet complementary materials including stone surfaces, leather and dark brown wood finishing, while a light beige colour scheme complemented by warm grey wood, bronzed stainless steel, leather and mustard yellow accents welcoming the owners, their family and guests.

  • IDPA Sino-Japan International Design Pioneer Award – Pioneer Prize (Real Estate)
  • International Space Design Award Idea-Tops (Hong Kong Division) – Shortlisted Candidate for The Best Prototype Room Design
  • APDC Asia Pacific Design Award For Elite –Award (Model House)
  • / 2018
  • 150 sq. m.
  • New World China Land Ltd.